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Floorplay is an annual ballroom dance competition that celebrates diversity and gender equality. It is designed for all configurations of couples, including same-sex, reverse role, traditional roles, and student-teacher.


Our mission is to offer a safe environment for all dance competitors, and expose individuals to the excitement and joy of role-free partner dance competition, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


The Westmor Dance Studio

This iconic ballroom located in the heart of Los Angeles is the perfect venue for this event. From training the young Shirley Temple to the renowned Fred Astair, this venue has a history of housing some of the worlds greatest dancers. Join us, as we continue their legacy.


Hotel Normandie

Developed in 1926, this landmark was designed by famed architects Albert R. Walker and Percy A, Eisen who also produced other iconic LA buildings such as the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and the United Theatre on Broadway. Be a part of the history at the Hotel Normandie.


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